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Power of the Pause...

It feels like taking a moment to pause is more important than ever. Working in education and health care can be challenging! It is our yoga practice that supports us to pause, release what we may be holding onto, allow our shoulders to drop a little, soften some tension in the face, and breathe. In doing so, we can realign with our values so that we can more often respond rather than react to the situation we find ourselves in.

Both of us have found ourselves feeling overwhelmed, overly critical and at times wondering why we put ourselves through it! These struggles are part of being human. We learn when we don't pause and we learn when we do. We can start to understand that the stressed out mind is trying to protect us but it has gone into overdrive!

Yoga is not just what we do on the mat but also how we show up in our lives. Sometimes we will be able to take a pause when needed. Three slow and steady breaths. At other times we may catch ourselves afterwards and notice the judgements that arrive about this and ourselves and then do our best to not judge our judging!

As we develop this practice we find that we are more able to tune into our inner wisdom, beneath the chattering mind.

When in doubt. Pause.

When angry and frustrated. Pause.

When you are stressed and overwhelmed. Pause.

When you pause.


Reconnect to who you truly are.

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