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Complaints Policy

This refers to complaints against Re:Connect from outside our organisation. This may be against an individual team member, a director(s) or the organisation as a whole. This policy can be found on our website.

Complaints Policy

At Re:Connect we are always open to feedback to improve our services. 

The following procedure outlines what you, a Re:Connect student, client, partner, or service user, can do if you have a complaint about our staff, teachers, classes or services.

Complaints Procedure

The easiest way to resolve an issue is to discuss it with the person with whom the issue lies. In the first instance, if you feel able to, please discuss the problem with the Re:Connect team member involved. If this does not resolve the issue, or if you do not feel able to raise the complaint with the person it affects, please get in touch with a Re:Connect director. You can complain to the directors in person, over the phone, or by email on the below contact details:

When complaining, please tell us:

  • your full name and contact details

  • the date and location of the incident 

  • as much as you can about the complaint

  • the full name of the person(s) your complaint relates to

  • any tangible evidence available to support the complaint

  • how you would like us to resolve the matter


Our contact details:

Name: Alex Flatman, Chloe Scott

Contact details: Alex - 07873594658; Chloe - 07886552001;


Every attempt will be made to resolve any complaints quickly, effectively and informally. However, if the complaint cannot be resolved through the usual channels of open and honest communication the following procedures will be followed.

  1. You will be asked to provide a written report about the complaint, covering the information stated above. (If providing a written report is not possible for you then please let us know and we will be happy to arrange for the report to be recorded orally).

  2. A written record of the concern will then be completed by the Re:Connect director to whom you have made the complaint and if applicable, contact will be made with any partner organisation involved to discuss the issue with them.

  3. We will:

  • acknowledge receipt of your complaint within five working days

  • discuss your complaint with you to understand why you are dissatisfied and what outcome you are looking for

  • give you a full response to the complaint as soon as possible and within 20 working days


Information you provide to Re:Connect will be treated in line with our Privacy policy. Re:Connect may request additional information from you during the course of a review of any complaint.

If your complaint refers to one of the directors, please refer your complaint to the other. If your complaint refers to both directors and you do not feel able to discuss the issue with either of them then you should refer to a governing body such as The British Wheel of Yoga.


Authors:  Alex Flatman and Chloe Scott


Date updated: 16th September 2020

Review date: March 2021

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