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So you may be wondering how Re:Connect came about?

We met through a mutual contact (thanks Cassie!) to get cover for a yoga class back in August 2018. We got chatting and said we would keep in touch. Time ticked along and when we next spoke again it just so happened that we were both signed up to attend the Yoga in Health Care conference, so we travelled in together. We soon realised we both talked A LOT! And that we both shared a dream - to share yoga that empowered others to improve their well being. We wanted this to reach people who would not sign up to a class at a gym or studio. We also wanted to bring our knowledge as a yoga teacher and yoga therapist alongside years working in health and education together. We were on the same page, we had tonnes of ideas but had no idea how to go about this alone. So we set out to do it together with friends to guide us along the way (special thanks to Priyanka and Mairead!)...

We met regularly, sketching our ideas out on large pieces of paper casting our net wide (I mean wide!). We spent hours talking about our model, our purpose and our name… I am not going to tell you how many names we considered and then binned! We both signed up to the idea that we were going to allow it the time it needed to flow, whilst balancing our day jobs. We went on many walks, wrote lots of to-do-lists and most importantly laughed a lot in the process. Week by week our ideas became more focused and we could see it all weaving together.

So, here we are today. Launching our website, developing partnerships, writing and teaching courses, learning from what works and what doesn’t.

So what have we learnt so far….

  • Get walking/moving to get creativity flowing

  • When we are no longer productive, stop and come back to it with a fresh mind - go with the flow!

  • We use our intuition and listen to our hearts - we realised soon on that a structured social media plan did not work for us, but to post when we had something valuable to put out there.

  • The importance of being aware of our expertise and partnering with others to develop a full package - the Yoga Community Partnership model was born!

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