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“Can you come to these reflections with your best self?” Jivana Heyman - Yoga Revolution 

Isn’t it interesting when an idea keeps coming around, and each time it does it takes on a little more meaning. Moving from the intellectual to a more felt sense. I remember during my yoga teacher training that the idea of intention was revisited again and again. Bringing curiosity to how you want to show up to a class and examining what is behind what you are choosing to teach today. At times this made sense. At others, insecurities meant that it became a bit of a threat. I found myself needing reassurance in some way and then being critical that I needed it, because my intention was surely enough…

I did not notice at first but my focus became all about teaching. When I did my own practice I was thinking about how I would teach it. When I went to a class, I found myself making mental notes about how I could incorporate some bits, change some bits. Teaching, teaching, teaching. Without realising I was hooked into the idea of ‘doing a good job’, whatever that meant.

I have been pondering this idea again. How do I want to show up to teach and what version of me do I want to show up for my own practice? How can I bring more understanding to my anxieties and consider how I can ‘warm up’ to be the version of myself I want to show up in… My training and work in Compassion Focused Therapy has provided me with the bridge between thinking and an embodied intention. By developing self compassion, I have been able to see the things that show up for me in a different light. With fresh eyes, I can understand my anxieties and know that part of this is acknowledging our nature. Our nature to survive. Our nature to be more biased to noticing threats and as a social species, social threats like how we exist in the minds of others. By finding a supportive posture and steady breath it is possible to turn towards this, truly understand and begin to consider what is wise action. In doing so, my intention transforms from what I ‘should do’, a place of fear of screwing up to one of connection and understanding - an embodied compassionate practice. Yoga in action.

So as this new year unfolds, what version of yourself do you want to show up? Can you come to these reflections as your compassionate self?

More about yoga and developing a Compassionate Mind to come…

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