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Updated: Oct 21, 2020

'Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered. You will never grow'

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

What a day of sharing and learning we experienced on International Yoga Day! A series of 40 minute sessions starting at 6.30am and ending at 9.30pm (now who on earth thought that was a good idea!)

We are both BIG idea people. That can be a strength. To aim high. Have faith in each other and the universe, that it will unfold just as it is meant to do. Plus remembering to add a dose of preparing what we can, and not leaving the technology set up to the last minute!

Using an online platform gives you different things to think about. It was so interesting how much longer it took to set up the room. Taking the time to consider the perspective of someone attending an online event. Thinking about how we can communicate our intention and hold the space for each other. Creating sessions to be suitable for an online audience and then thinking about camera angles and what we can fit in the frame (whilst also letting go of our judgments about the less flattering ones!)

We set up our set the day before, not considering that the lighting could be completely different. We did not practice logging into our zoom accounts and then 10 minutes before our first class, forgot passwords and had to open a new account! We assumed that the best way to record our sessions was on zoom and that we could edit them on YouTube, without checking out that the editing function is no longer available.

This is yoga in action! Showing up and being the best versions of ourselves amongst the challenges! (most of the time!). Discovering how we can best communicate with each other and ensure that we bring balanced qualities to what we are doing – seriousness AND lightness; alertness AND calm; preparing for what we can AND going with the flow.

So what did we learn…

  • The importance of showing up as the best versions of ourselves – especially at times of technological stress!

  • Letting go of ego. Noticing judgements, comparisons with others, assumptions, expectations and the importance of teaching from the heart

  • Next time we will explore lighting and how we can enhance this, especially if the sun keeps hiding behind clouds and then peeking out again (what do you mean production sets do not use just a main overhead light, a few table lamps and battery powered candles!)

  • If you have a dark background, wear light leggings/bottoms or people can not see your legs!

  • That coming out of our comfort zone is the place where we grow!

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