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Yoga Therapy

Your body has things to say, learn to listen!

Body awareness is crucial for emotional wellbeing. Our life experiences are embodied in our physical state. So often our emphasis is on thinking and doing, not feeling and being.

By increasing your awareness, connecting mind and body you open up the pathway to healing.

What is Yoga Therapy?

Yoga therapy is a holistic therapy that brings together yoga postures, breathing practices, mindfulness meditation, relaxation and psychological support to enhance wellbeing, rebalance the nervous system and develop the ability to regulate mood and emotions.  It can be beneficial for people who find it difficult to engage in talking therapies.


Techniques are grounded in both modern medical and scientific understanding of the body and brain as well as ancient yogic wisdom, encouraging integration of mind, body and spirit. Current research informs us that a comprehensive programme involving both body and mind is the most effective way to approach mental health.

In a yoga class you are guided through sequences to better your overall health and wellbeing.

In a yoga therapy session I will use the different elements of yoga and mindfulness to treat specific issues and conditions.  Working one-to-one, I will create a tailored programme to support your individual needs.

How is yoga therapy different to a class?
What we offer

1 to 1 Therapy

During the therapy session I will work with you to adapt and utilise yoga and mindfulness practices to address your individual needs.


I will provide you with exercises and activities to do at home between sessions to deepen the therapeutic effect.

I will also provide you with a home practice plan to take with you to support your ongoing wellbeing.

75 minutes 1:1 therapy session £60


Block book 4 sessions


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