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Social Prescription

Our health and wellbeing is determined by a range of social, economic and environmental factors that aren't always best treated by a doctor and medicine alone.  Social prescribing is the idea that people who lead active and social lives enjoy better health and wellbeing. A social prescription is a non-medical support to help people who may be lonely, or isolated, those who care for others but need support themselves, and people living with long-term conditions and/or emotional health issues, to improve their wellbeing in a holistic way. The research shows that enabling people to have more agency in their physical and emotional wellbeing brings better outcomes. We are a sociable species and being connected with others and our community is essential for our wellbeing, in fact regular social interaction helps to reduce stress and depression and can also improve blood pressure and cognitive function.


Yoga sits well within this model as people come together to move, breathe and find connection with each other and themselves. Our classes are friendly and adaptive to meet you where you are.


The model of how social prescriptions are delivered  across the country differs.  Most involve   a link worker supporting GP’s, their role is to work collaboratively with each person to support their need and to connect them with meaningful activities and others in their local community.


In Luton social prescribing is run by the organisation Total Wellbeing.  We have been working in partnership with Total Wellbeing in Luton for 2 years as a preferred provider. That means that people can be referred to one of our 4 classes in Luton and access 12 free sessions with a social prescription.


In Luton, people can self refer by calling 0300 555 4152 or emailing to discuss their needs with a link worker. 

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