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As new life returns we welcome the signs of Spring. The daffodils turn to face the sun, buds appear and the birds sing their hearts out. Sometimes we can forget our intrinsic relationship with nature. That in fact we are part of nature, despite our often modern disconnect with it. Our yoga practice this time of year invites us to move and lift our energy from winter reflection and back down to the ever present body, breath and ground.

In our classes we will explore ways to lift and move energy with some tapping and shaking. We will bring life back into the joints through gentle rotations and twists. This is our ground work. As we reconnect to our body and breath we can explore how we can extend from our foundation and rise and open from here. When we stretch our muscles and hold a pose messages are sent to our brain, registering that there is no threat to prepare for and so the muscles lengthen. They find more space. We can also bring curiosity to opening the sides of the body to create space for the breath. Space to consider what we wish to welcome as we reconnect with our centre. We reconnect to ourselves.

This may also be a time to have a ‘spring clean’. A time to declutter a space within our home. Refreshing the space we practice our yoga, whatever that may look like or mean.

Like a new leaf unfurling we can take the idea of renewal in our own time. Maybe this is finding a gentle rotation in our joints. An early morning walk, breathing in the cool morning air. An opportunity to bring awareness to our breath throughout the day. We can focus on our environment and declutter an area in our home, repair an item, hang a picture or do some basic DIY.

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