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This month we turn towards the growing energy and vibrancy of the season and how this is reflected in the nature around us. The colours, sounds, growing warmth and light.

Yoga teaches us that we can explore the essence of who we are through the layers of what it means to be human. We may be more familiar with thinking about our physical body - how we move, how we experience our body in space and how this body is contained within the structure of our being - our bones, organs, muscles and skin. Within this layer is our energy body - our life force energy that flows throughout our physical body and beyond. We can connect to this subtle layer by focusing on our breath, moving with the breath and practices that can lift, calm and expand this layer.

We can start to notice this energetic body by exploring the qualities of our energy. It may feel dull, stuck, heavy, flowing, light, localised, expansive, fizzy. We might notice that the energy in the mind and the energy in the body are different at the same time.

Through our yoga practice we can channel energy, stimulating the flow by directing our awareness - where awareness goes energy flows! We can also remove blockages to energy flow as we expand, contract, rotate, open and fold the body as we move.

The summer solstice is approaching on the 21st June, a time in yoga when sun salutations are traditionally practised. We will be using the sun salutation sequence in many forms, on a chair, standing and lying on our mat. The repetitive motion of the sequence of asanas enables us to explore how we can lift the energy then purposefully lower the energy. This supports vagal toning. And as we strengthen the vagus nerve we can use this to support us to come back to baseline after stress in our daily lives.

In our yoga classes this month we will be playing around with these ideas…

  • What is it like to tune into our energy and describe what we find?

  • We can lift or calm our energy using movement and breath.

  • Preparing the body to support the mind.

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