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Eating Disorder  Course
Weekly Class Themes

Week 1

Grounding -  ‘where can I can feel the ground’


Arriving on the mat and exploring how connecting to the ground can offer stability

Week 2

Steadiness - ‘where can I find my breath’


With the stability of the ground beneath us we can start to explore ways to find and experience the breath

Week 3

Soften -  ‘where can I soften?’


As we use the ground and the breath to bring the mind back to the present moment, we can start to notice tension in the body and explore how through movement this might change

Week 4

Opposites - ‘where can I find opposites’


Practicing postures that encourage the exploration of opposites such as tension and ease and how we can find some balance.  

Week 5

Spaciousness - ‘where can I find space'


Exploring creating more space in the body, becoming open to the experience now.

Week 6

Tuning in - ‘where do I notice’


Being curious about where we can feel sensations and where we cannot in the body as we move, allowing the experience as it is.

Week 7

Choice - ‘what does my body choose’


Developing a practice to listen and connect to what is supportive for your body and mind now

Week 8



Giving yourself permission to respond to the signals from your body.

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