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Yoga for Chronic Pain Class
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About the Class

We have created a yoga class specifically for people experiencing chronic pain, in whatever form that takes.  Yoga is an embodied practice that understands the connection between our thoughts, feelings, emotional regulation and our experience of pain.  This class offers a movement practice that takes into account the physiological and psychological effects of chronic pain. It is funded by Central Bedfordshire Active Communities Grant Scheme, which enables us to offer the sessions free of charge.

You don’t need to have any experience of yoga in order to take part.  The yoga will be adaptive to meet your physical and mental health needs. We will use equipment to support the practice, such as chairs, blocks, and cushions - there is always a way to experience what we are offering, you don't need to be able to get to the ground.

About You
Our Approach
  • The class offers gentle and adaptable movement which improves strength and flexibility, as well as establishing a greater body-mind awareness.  

  • Yoga uses a soft edge approach to movement which will support desensitisation of the nervous system

  • Yoga cultivates curiosity, which in turn increases non-judgement, courage and self compassion. 

  • The yoga mat is your training ground to practise and experiment so that you can take this learning into daily life.

Find out more about why yoga is supportive for chronic pain


You can attend

  • 12 free sessions

Each class is

  • 1 hour

The class is on

  • Wednesday  2:00 - 3:00pm


  •  Parkside Community Hall,
    Woburn Road
    MK45 2HX

Class Details
How to sign up

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