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Moving Courageously from the Heart

This course can no longer be booked.

A half day yoga retreat to explore the strength and courage of compassion

  • Ended
  • 25 British pounds
  • Warden Hill Community Centre

Class Information

When people hear the word compassion, they tend to think of just kindness. But scientific studies have found the core of compassion to be courage. To engage in compassionate action, we need to build a mind and a body that can pursue our compassionate intentions without being hijacked by our threat responses: fight, flight, and freeze. Equally, we require insight into what is needed and the courage to act on it. Our intention in this retreat is to explore courage through finding strength and steadiness in the body. In doing so, this can build a foundation to turn towards our difficulties and the difficulties of others. We will begin by sharing ideas and then experiencing them through gentle movement, breathwork and meditation practices. All welcome. Saturday 4th November 10am - 1pm Warden Hill Community Centre Wycombe Way Luton LU3 2BW Re:Connect yoga recognises each person’s own unique experience by cultivating compassionate curiosity and self enquiry. Our key principles: - Exploring ways to rebalance your nervous system and develop the ability to regulate thoughts and emotions more effectively. - Supporting you to experience and tolerate the present as it is. - Learning to listen to your body and acknowledge what you need in that moment. - Practicing making manageable choices that enable you to feel better, safer, more comfortable, or in control. As humans we all experience pain and suffering, however sometimes this becomes too much and can be overwhelming….we welcome you! Our techniques are grounded in both modern medical and scientific understanding of the body and brain as well as ancient yogic wisdom, encouraging integration of mind, body and spirit.

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