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Finding Our Centre

This is a phrase you often hear in yoga and can incorporate many things and the many layers of our being.

From a physical perspective we think about coming back to our centre of gravity. A place where we may feel balanced. We can explore the outer edges of where our body can expand to and then come back to the centre. In doing so, we can bring curiosity to where we find our centre. What does it feel like to be centred in my body…

We can find our centre with our breath as we track our inhale and exhale and notice the subtle rise and fall of our centre. Our attention is given the opportunity to move from the mind into the body. The body which is always present. What does it feel like to be centred and present in my body…

We can be curious as to what can move us away from our centre and can we explore this as part of our human design (that we did not choose). What does it feel like when thoughts and emotions move me off centre, into the past or the future…

Depak Chopra describes the three pillars of centering as awareness, attention and intention. What do I notice in my body, breath and mind when I am moving in and out of being centred… With this awareness we can explore the idea of allowing what is here. Create space for times we fall out of a posture, times we notice the shallowness of our breath, times we feel our thoughts running away. Here we can find our centre. We can move a little, bring awareness to our breath and in doing so choose where we want to place our attention in each moment.

This practice invites us to return to our intention. How do I want to respond in the face of life's challenges… How do I want to relate to myself and others… and in doing so to our growing wisdom found in our awareness and where is wise to place our attention

In our yoga classes this month we will be playing around with these ideas…

  • What it feels like to move off centre and our natural instinct to move back to balance.

  • How certain breathing practices can support us to return to our centre

  • When we place our attention on a centering practice, how can this support us in our daily lives.

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