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Our Approach

What is  Re:Connect yoga? 


This is something we have developed and fine tuned over the last few years and would like to share our approach to yoga with you.


It is simple really, at the heart of our practice is curiosity. Each person who comes to our classes is invited to explore the practises offered and discover how it feels in their body.  Our mission is to share the therapeutic benefits of yoga to support people to improve their health and wellbeing.  Yoga is an embodied practice that understands the pivotal role the body plays in relation to our thoughts, feelings, motivational states and modulating our emotional experience.  Yoga is about what it feels like not what it looks like so there is no right or wrong way to practise, you can choose what feels supportive to you in each moment.  Each time you come to the practice it will be different and you can discover new things that connect your body and mind.  The yoga mat is our training ground to experiment so that you can take this learning into everyday life, yoga prepares the body to support the mind.  We use props so the yoga can meet you where you are, whether that is a block, a chair or a wall, there is always a way to experience what we are offering.


Come and join us!

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